The Non Lucrative Visa Boston Consulate

The Spain Non Lucrative Visa in Boston? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for everything you need to know about visa applications at this consulate.

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Spain Non Lucrative Visa Applications in Boston

Jurisdiction: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

31 Saint James Avenue, Suite 905 ~ Boston, MA 02116 ~

1 617 536 2506 ~ [email protected]

Application Instructions per Consulate

The website for the Spanish Consulate in Boston only lists instructions for a “Visa to Retire in Spain.” And yes, that is slightly different than the Non Lucrative Visa.

However, the Spanish Consulate in Boston does indeed take applications for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa. Accordingly, that is what my checklist is based on.

Schedule your appointment

Applications in Boston are by appointment only. No walk ins allowed. However, if you live nearby, they are know to help walk ins answer their questions. (Though, hopefully, I’ll have answered all your questions for you!)

Office Hours and Holiday Calendar

Investigating how to apply for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa in Boston was not easy

At first, I wasn’t even sure if you could apply for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa at this consulate.

Multiple attempts to email them went unanswered.

Finally, a person applying here was able to confirm that yes, indeed, this consulate does process Non Lucrative Visa applications for Spain. My application instructions checklist is based on that.

My FREE checklist has all the juicy details on translation needs, doc issue dates, and all manner of bureaucratic minutiae!

Your organization will be much appreciated by the overworked funcionario on whom your successful appointment depends!

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