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Jurisdiction: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

31 Saint James Avenue, Suite 905 ~ Boston, MA 02116 ~ 1 617 536 2506 ~ [email protected]

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My attempts to investigate the application process at the Boston consulate have proven tricky. Numerous emails to answer my questions have been in vain. Their website makes no mention of the non lucrative visa – really, not a word.

Instead, at the Boston consulate, you’ll apply for a “residence visa to retire in Spain.” The Documents Checklist I’ve built is based on the requirements stated for the retirement visa combined with information garnered scouring the internet for other people’s experiences here.

If you’re familiar with non lucrative visa applications at this consulate, please share your information with me here.

Unspecified Information

  • Form EX01, the solicitation for temporary non lucrative residence, required by almost all other consulates. Bring one blank copy for each family member, fill it out at the consulate if they ask.
  • Copy of passport. Copy at least the ID page. You’ll need it in Spain anyway.
  • Whether to glue photos to application form. Carry photos separately, and bring a glue stick.
  • Whether the Apostille(s) require translation. I’d skip. The consulate will likely give you a small grace period to submit them if required. Why spend money on translations you may not need?
  • Notarized Letter of intent. I’d write one stating the reasons you desire to live in Spain. Translate then notarize.
  • Expiration date for marriage and birth certificates (3 months for most consulates). Their instructions specify a three month expiration date for the Police Record Clearance. If the same were true for marriage and birth certificates, they’d say so, right? On the flip side, the costs of ordering fresh certificates and Apostilles from government offices are a fraction of the cost compared to obtaining them through a third party channeler to rush order new ones. Get fresh ones.
  • They don’t specify restrictions on how far in advance to apply. Target 90 days in advance of your desired departure date.