The Non Lucrative Visa Houston Consulate

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How to Apply for the Non Lucrative Visa Spanish Consulate HoustonJurisdiction: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas
1800 Bering Drive, Suite 660 ~ Houston, Texas 77057 ~ +1 713 783 6200
[email protected] General Email  ~ [email protected] Visa Department Email

Application Instructions per Consulate


Important Information for Non Lucrative Visa Applications at the Spanish Consulate in Houston

As of 2020, this consulate is requiring a greater sum of funds to prove financial means:  
Primary Applicant: 26,333 euros (Convert to USD)
Each Additional Applicant: 6,583 euros (Convert to USD)
The Houston Consulate does not accept criminal background checks from approved FBI channelers. Your background check must be issued from the FBI or the state department of justice for any states you’ve lived in within the last five years.
The Houston Consulate will require you to leave your passport with them during application processing, which they state may take up to two months. Arrange international travel plans accordingly.
The most challenging piece of your application process for this consulate will likely be their requirement to provide house property or leasing contract. See my tips on this issue here.