What My Clients Say…

Without Ms. Baxa’s detailed direction and cheerful handholding, we certainly would have given up on the whole process.

Right now, our youngest son is in Spain studying for one year in school. We feel that benefits from this adventure are enormous, at a time many young people are a little bit uncertain about direction in their lives.  The opportunity was made possible by one person: Jackie Baxa.  We think divine providence might have had a hand the day we noticed her website on the internet.

Without Ms. Baxa’s detailed direction and cheerful handholding, we certainly would have given up on the whole process.  But Jackie revealed the intricacies of the paperwork journey in a manner we could understand.  In fact, she was kind enough to assist in many ways that weren’t directly a part of the visa process, such as city and school recommendations, health insurance, and even housing in Seville.  She even initiated emails to double-check we were on track and responded very promptly when we thought we might be in trouble.  All this, and at amazing price for all the service she provided.

So, if we sound like we are enthusiastic about Ms. Baxa, that would be correct!  If it sounds like we are grateful to her, we are indeed!

Evelyn and Joseph Slusser, Alaska

Jackie Was Extremely Helpful,

She is very efficient, knows tremendous number of valuable contacts. We felt much more secure after dealing with her. Basically, everything went quite smoothly and we received residence visa in 5 weeks. I would recommend her service to anyone who is trying to move to Spain. I can assure you, you will be glad that you found this internet site. Thank you, Jackie. Dr. Bor, Boston

Jackie’ reliability and knowledge for the NLV process makes it so much easier.

Jackie’ reliability and knowledge for the NLV process makes it so much easier. Her website and personal consultation are great resources that make the process much easier, less confusing and most importantly, successful. Jackie always was on top of things, gave me premium advice, answered all my many emails and at the end helped my family obtain the NLV. I recommend Jackie and her website resources to anyone interested in moving to Spain! X.S., Boston

What a blessing it was to be referred to Jackie!

Jackie walked me through each step of a VERY complicated NL Residence Visa application process. Thanks to her guidance and recommendations, I felt at ease and confident throughout the entire process. Upon arrival for my appointment at the Chicago consulate, I was fully prepared and my paperwork was well organized and accepted. I am happy to report that I received approval for the Visa and am currently in Spain! I could not have done it without her expertise and will be forever grateful to her! Desiree, Ohio

Trust me, if you are thinking about moving to Spain, get in touch with Jackie

When we made a plan to move our family to Spain for a year, we initially floundered trying to figure it all out. There was so much to think about and do!!  And it was so complicated!!  And there was no “one stop shop” to try to figure everything out. I spent months researching/reading everything I could get my hands on.  In that process, I saw a posting from Jackie on a Facebook page and everything became so much simpler!  I emailed her and got a quick response the same day.  She was able to help guide me and my family through any/all questions we had and was very easy — and pleasant —  to work with.  If she didn’t have an answer to some obscure my-family-specific question, she knew where to go/who to ask to find it. We went through 90% of the process to move before COVID hit, so we’re still in the States but will definitely reach out to Jackie again when we are ready to make the move.  Trust me, if you are thinking about moving to Spain, get in touch with Jackie.  You will not regret it!!  I highly recommend her and her services. Alison and David, California

We would have been lost without Jackie’s guidance.

There are so many aspects to moving one’s family abroad that it can be overwhelming just to think about. The various steps, forms, copies, notaries, etc. as one works through two countries’ bureaucracies is a road besot by potholes, u-turns & dead-ends. Jackie was able to organize everything into concise buckets for us so that we were able to visualize the tasks we had to do, make it have logical sense, and gave us the confidence that we could do it. The end result was that we were totally prepared without feeling like it was a ton of work. We didn’t have one hang-up. Jackie pays strict attention to detail so that there is nothing that one could encounter during the process that would trip up or delay it and she is very energetic and driven which keeps one on task and gives confidence that they can and will make this adventure happen. The Wells Family, North Carolina

I was overwhelmed with what seemed like an endless amount of mixed information online on the NLV requirements for Spain.

I was glad when I came across Jackie’s blog because not only was her article extremely detailed, she also offered 1-1 calls for more specific questions. After our call I had a clear understanding of exactly everything I had to do and submit to the NY Spanish consulate. Thanks to some had work and her help, I was approved in two weeks and will be heading to Spain to live my Spanish dream. Thanks so much! Matahari, NY

Jackie is a wealth of knowledge….

Jackie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the dizzying, nuanced requirements from the Spain consulates. She’s super responsive and very well connected to qualified translators and support teams to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Most of all, having a visa guru like Jackie simply provides peace of mind that you’re on track and nothing is falling through the cracks. She’ll save you time and money in the end! A. Smith, Utah

She’s professional, knowledgeable, direct, and easy to work with!

Trying to understand the non-lucrative process at the Boston consulate was a bit of a nightmare at times. I’m someone who is “good with paperwork”, but having Jackie on my side to help guide me through the process was absolutely worth it, and I would hire her again if needed. She has all the right contacts and helped answer all my questions and concerns. I was under a tight deadline (I had to turn my paperwork around in 3 weeks), and we did it with time to spare – and without breaking my bank account. Amazing! I highly recommend Jackie for any part of the visa process. Sarah, Vermont

I still refer to her emails almost daily!

I found Jackie through a friend of a friend as my husband and I tried to get organized for his one year sabbatical in Sevilla. Jackie was indispensable in helping us decide on where to live, pick a school for our kids, navigate school registration, find an apartment, etc. She knows firsthand how particularly tough this process can be on kids and really helped prepare us for what to expect and how to support our kids. She visited several flats for us and helped us find the one we eventually rented. It is perfect for our family and she helped make the process truly painless. We corresponded mostly by email and she was incredibly prompt and very detailed with her responses. Beyond the essentials, she made lots of recommendations of cafes, day trips, things to do with visiting family, etc. I am so thankful for all her help and we are off to a wonderful start to our year in Sevilla. Jennifer and Paul, Idaho

Jackie’s services are invaluable…

Moving to Spain for more than three months is complicated and time consuming, especially if you don’t have extra time, patience or connections. Jackie services are invaluable and I dare say a must if moving to Sevilla. Although I did not find her until we had already finished most of the visa process, she was indispensable as a resource on boys soccer in Sevilla. Had I not contacted her, we would have gone down a very expensive and unnecessary path to finding a team for our teenage boy. Even if she doesn’t personally have experience with a particular interest, she probably knows someone you might contact for help. Moving to Spain in difficult in many ways but using Jackie’s services will certainly ease some the headache and confusion. L. French, California

Jackie’s down-to-earth approach demystified the visa renewal process for us

We were the lucky beneficiaries of her first-hand experience, which, combined with her attention to detail and sense of humor about the sometimes exasperating experience, made her the perfect guide. We recommend Jackie’s services without hesitation! The Newland Family, New York

We literally could not have done it without her.

Jackie provided our family with really great service helping us organize our trip to Spain! We literally could not have done it without her. Weiss Family, Oregon.

Contacting Jackie about applying for our Spanish visas was the best decision

We have had an unpredictable and frustrating experience on every level while trying to legally move to Sevilla. Jackie was incredibly professional and helpful. She gave us clear directions, helpful introductions and guidance throughout the VISA application process. Additionally, each year when I renew my VISA, I renew my gratitude for Jackie and her organizational skills; she has helped us realize and maintain our dream of living in Spain. The Kramm Family, Florida

Jackie is So Knowledgeable About All Things Relocation…

Jackie is so knowledgeable about all things relocation and was so kind and generous with her time. She steered my family in the perfect direction. Not to mention, I loved having her visa checklist! B. Walker, Florida

I Am Glad to Write a Recommendation for Jackie Baxa

It was my desire to apply for a non lucrative visa to move to Spain. I decided early on in the process to seek help. I was fortunate to find Jackie. At my request, she held my hand through the whole process. All throughout, I found Jackie to be very knowledgeable, resourceful, and much to my delight, very responsive. And, she’s a really nice person. Larry, South Dakota

I’m so thankful to have connected with Jackie!

Jackie helped me with my Non Lucrative Visa process. Without her guidance and assistance I would have been completely lost! Jackie was thorough and explained every step along the way. I highly recommend Jackie and her services! Emma, California

Had to drop a note of thanks

Just beginning our journey to retire to Valencia in the next 12-18 months and had to drop a note of thanks. Your website is so helpful and loved your blog post about your own family’s process–laughed out loud! Thank you again for the wonderful info and for the good laugh. Ivy L, Chicago, IL

Thank you, thank you for giving me hope that I can do this.

I don’t think I have ever contacted a stranger on the internet to let them know how much I appreciate their website. I’ve been drowning in what feels like an overwhelming amount of visa information (and at the same time, not enough information? At least, not enough that is clear). And I stumbled across your page and received almost the best news I could have imagined. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough. Thanks again for all of your hard work in putting this information together. It’s invaluable! J.S., Washington DC

Jackie Baxa has been amazingly helpful over the past couple of months.

My family are weighing our options for moving to Spain and she has be truly spot on in providing great information to assist us with our decision. Her responses to my e-mails/inquiries are timely and very honest. I would recommend her to anyone seeking valuable information and guidance when thinking about moving to or planning for a move to beautiful España!! Josh, US Military

Dig into the details and you’ll soon see why someone like Jackie is invaluable.

If you’re on Jackie’s site, chances are you’re feeling like I did during the process of applying for a Spanish visa and foreigner ID card: confused and looking for answers related to the mountain of required paperwork. On the surface, this process seems easy. Dig into the details and you’ll soon see why someone like Jackie is invaluable. Jackie can help you sort out the various pieces of this puzzle and avoid the many rabbit holes that result in a lot of wasted time. These days, I’m living in Spain. This new lifestyle is due in part to Jackie and friends who shared their knowledge along the way. Kim, Jackson WY

I was grateful to have been connected with Jackie.

My daughter is studying abroad and is attending the same school as Jackie’s son. I corresponded with Jackie and she provided me with valuable insights about the school. When my daughter and I arrived in Spain, Jackie and I agreed to meet at the Open House at my daughter’s new school, and Jackie introduced me to a number of expat parents and their children, many of whom are now my daughter’s closest friends at school. Jackie helped me make connections that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find, and having those made it easier for me to help my daughter navigate her cultural transition. Meriwynn, North Carolina