Information and Inspiration to Move to Spain

Moving to a foreign country — even just temporarily — may be one of the most thrilling and life-changing experiences you ever have.

But it will definitely not be easy.

Especially if you’re relocating as a family.

Family Move Abroad is my attempt to make your expat adventure more accessible.

To facilitate the process from, “Hey… I wonder what it would be like to live in a foreign country with our kids…” to stepping off the plane and settling in to your new surroundings with ease.

To connect you to the resources you need to nurture your vision of a life overseas and, most importantly, to find the answers to ALL your questions.

So you can guide your children with confidence a wondrous overseas experience that will change their perspective on themselves, and the world around them, forever.

More time to revel in the dream. Less time hunkered down in the logistics of getting there.

Let’s get started.

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Contacting Jackie about applying and then reapplying for our Spanish VISAs was the best decision. We have had an unpredictable and frustrating experience on every level while trying to legally move to Sevilla. Jackie was incredibly professional and helpful to us as soon as we contacted her. She gave us clear directions, helpful introductions and guidance throughout the VISA application process. Additionally, each year when I renew my VISA, I renew my gratitude for Jackie and her organizational skills; she has helped us realize and maintain our dream of living in Spain. Emily, Miami, Florida

Emily Kramm

Jackie’s down-to-earth approach demystified the visa renewal process for us—we were the lucky beneficiaries of her first-hand experience, which, combined with her attention to detail and sense of humor about the sometimes exasperating experience, made her the perfect guide. We recommend Jackie’s services without hesitation!

The Newland Family, New York