International Health Insurance

Health insurance valid in Spain is required in order to apply for your Non-Lucrative Visa. You will present proof you’ve purchased health insurance at your visa application appoint

Travel insurance is not acceptable, as travel insurance cannot be issued for a period greater than 90 days.

Health insurance is required to apply for your visa.

As of January 2019, health insurance for extended stay visas must contain the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum medical coverage of 30,000 euros (or its equivalent in USD)
  • Coverage must be valid in all Schengen States
  • Zero euro (or zero dollar) deductible
  • No co-payments
  • Repatriation benefits (to cover transport of your body back to the US should you die while in Spain)

These requirements must be expressly stated in your declaration of coverage. You’ll provide that declaration to the consulate as part of your application documents during your appointment.

You’ll need one declaration of coverage letter for each applicant on your application or one letter only that expressly states each applicant’s name.

Tip: Ask the provider to issue you a copy of your declaration of coverage letter in Spanish and you’ll save yourself a page of translation fees.