Health Insurance in Spain for US Citizens and the Non Lucrative Visa

Health insurance in Spain is required in order to apply for your Non-Lucrative Visa. More importantly, you’ll present proof of coverage of your health insurance in Spain at your visa application appointment. Travel insurance is not acceptable. The healthcare cover you purchase must be a policy for residents in Spain.

Health insurance is required to apply for your visa.

Luckily, healthcare coverage in Spain is very affordable. Indeed, my husband and I were shocked at the low cost of our monthly premium. The insurance you buy must meet following minimum requirements:

  • First, it must include minimum medical coverage of 30,000 euros (or its equivalent in USD)
  • Second, no deductibles, co-pays, coverage limits or grace periods for certain benefits
  • Finally, it must include repatriation benefits. (Coverage to transport your body back to the US should you meet your demise while living in Spain.)

The first step, get several quotes to compare premiums. Second, secure a policy. After that, the provider will issue you a declaration of coverage letter. You’ll provide that letter to the consulate as part of your application documents during your appointment.

The letter should specifically state the benefits. You can ask for one coverage letter for each applicant on your application or one letter total for all family members applying together. It doesn’t matter. If they issue one letter only, it should expressly state each applicant’s name.

Tip: Ask the provider to issue your coverage letter in Spanish. This will save you a page of translation fees!

How Do I Get Health Insurance in Spain?

In my opinion, the best healthcare coverage in Spain comes from Spanish Health Insurance Companies. I have personally vetted the following providers. They all specialize in healthcare in Spain for expats. Furthermore, they all speak English!

Follow the links below to contact them and solicit a quote.

[Disclaimer: I have affiliate relationships with some of the providers listed here. If you use sign up using my link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.]

Insbrok represents numerous Spanish health insurance companies. Individual companies often run promotions. Time it right, and you could benefit from a greatly reduced rate! All policies offered meet all visa requirements. Get your quote here.

Adeslas is another highly reputable Spanish health insurance company. Carlos Andres Blanco Rey is a certified Adeslas agent. He’s already helped several Family Move Abroad clients. In addition, you can contact Carlos by email at [email protected] Please tell him Jackie from sent you!

Asisa health insurance has created an insurance offering tailor made for English speaking expats in Spain. This unique product not only offers a dedicated English speaking customer service line but can refer you to a network of English speaking medical providers throughout Spain. Agent Jane Priestly, a British expat living in Spain, will guide you through the sign up process.

Sanitas is one of the largest private healthcare insurers in Spain. This agent’s office specializes in health cover for expats in Spain. Get your free quote here.