How To Move to Spain from the US as a Family – Our Expat Story

Making the the decision to move to Spain for a year was easy. My husband and I had spoken of living in a foreign country with our children when I was pregnant with our first child. Yet our sons were 7 and 12 the first time we got them to Europe. That’s when it hit us — act now, or our dream to live overseas as a family might never happen.

I remember the day vividly. The boys were playing fútbol in a plaza in Barcelona. Dave and I were delighting in yet another array of mind blowing tapas. He turned to me and said, “Let’s do it. Let’s move to Spain for a year. As soon as possible.” We raised our glasses of vino tinto together with a little clink clink, and the deal was sealed.

But that was a short lived moment of glory. 

Figuring out how to move to Spain from the US would become a far more daunting journey than I had ever have imagined.

Move Spain from US American Family

An Honest Assessment of the Ups and Downs of Our Move to Spain

In this story, originally published in Where Can I Live, I share our journey of how we moved to Spain as an American family. I speak honestly about our experiences after two and a half years living in Seville, including:

  • What inspired us to move to Spain for a year
  • How to move to Spain from the US
  • Our confusion applying for the Spanish Non Lucrative Visa
  • How we researched the best place to live in Spain as a family
  • How we chose a school for our children
  • Things you might consider when it comes to education in Spain as an expat family.
  • Additional advice for expats moving to Spain to keep sane as you wade through logistical hurdles and emotional decisions

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